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Who We Are

The Lost Tribe is a Motorcycle Riding Association (MRA) or Riding Association (RA) 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that focuses on charity causes like helping the Shriner's Hospitals and Veteran Organizations.

The Lost Tribe refers to the 10 lost tribes of Israel which is used in Freemasonry as a symbolic jester that society has lost their way and only through faith, hope, and charity we can find our path to God. The crescent and scimitar represent the Shriner's Hospitals which is our primary charity that we support through transporting patients, fundraising, and bringing in new members to support our cause.

What We Are About

We enjoy the sport of riding motorcycles and helping people in needs such as the Shriner's Hospitals and various Veterans organizations such as Platoon 22, Rolling Thunder, and the VA Hospital by riding in their events.